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November 2006:
BradMack Carve
Training for surfing is not a new concept. Surfers are often found skating, doing yoga, or lifting weights when the waves are flat. They want to be ready to go when the waves are on. And although any form of exercise is good, surfers are best suited with a training approach that is specific to their sport--a program that meets all the demands and rigors of surfing. Surf Stronger is the first-of-its-kind training program geared for surfing.

Focusing on three key areas, Surf Stronger will help you improve FLEXIBILITY, increase POWER, and develop CORE STRENGTH. The 45-minute workout requires minimal equipment (dumbbells and a stability ball) and is great for all surfers looking to build and maintain peak surfing fitness. Plus, you will work out to an incredible soundtrack featuring ALO, Tim Bluhm, Mermen, Culver City Dub Collective, and many more.
At just $29.95, the Surf Stronger DVD is by far the best value in surfing!
See video clips and order a copy at
We've found a cool new Central Cal web site that offers a comprehensive look at being a surfer on the Central Coast of California. Check out
January 2006:
 Follow staffer, Hank Ten's surf odyssey from Carmel to Calafia as he makes his way down the California coast visiting friends, drinking beers, taking in live music and contemplating life.Relive a bit about the epic swell of December 2005 in Golden-Coast's Blue Christmas blog

waves stacked to the horizon
photo: TH
Ah, Christmas in California. As a surfer, there's no place I'd rather be. Witness the rocking swell this week. Central Coast and North California were pretty stormed out. South of Conception, things were much cleaner. Looks like swell the rest of the year too.
Hands down our favorite new web site is a blog called Charlie Don't Surf, run by The Colonel. In it, we follow along the Colonel's spot-on rants about the bro/brah association of pro surfers, localism, and keeping surfing central to one's life as one grows older. It is some really good shit. Laugh along here.  

Surfer's Path, the only "green" surf magazine, has a cool email thing called the "Monday Morning Wave." Sign up to receive a weekly inspirational email missive from them...

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